Sports: Pigeon and Piscione clinch top spots in triple mini-triathlon

POSTED: 02/6/12 2:11 PM

St. Maarten – The Gymfit athletic club secured the top two places in the male category and the positions for first and second in the female category was separated by a seconds at the conclusion of the first annual Sunset Bar & Grill triple mini triathlon Sunday in Beacon Hill. After the accumulative times from the three stages which included swimming, biking and running, Greg Pigeon, a member of the Gymfit club had the best time of 1.20.18 to win the top place on the podium. In second was his team mate Ralph van Dyk with 1.20. 55 and occupying the number three spot was Jean Marc Outil, from St Barths with a time of 1.21.39.

The competitiveness in the female division was more marginal and when Suzie Piscione crossed the line with an accumulative of 1.43.09, Mary Wrigley was hot on her heels with a time of 1.44.33 and in the third spot was Audrey van de Riet, in 2.03.48.

In the junior category for males, Tom Morissean, who is no stranger to the sport, crossed the line with an accumulative time of 1.32.37 and he was followed by a new comer to the sport, 17 year old Ranis Raeinel with a time of 1.37.50. The lone junior female in the triathlon was Zoe van Dyk and her time was 2.24.34.

Approximately 60 athletes competed in the three stage event that involved an accumulative distance of 600 meters in the swimming leg, 24 kilometers of running and six kilometers of biking. It started out with a 200m counter-clockwise swimming leg, followed by two kilometers of biking and ending with eight kilometers of running.

At the end of the first race, the events were switched to a run followed by the swimming leg and ending with biking. In the final event, the swimming leg was first followed by the running and concluding with the biking.

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Sports: Pigeon and Piscione clinch top spots in triple mini-triathlon by

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