Sports: Dynamics Track Club dominate senior category

POSTED: 01/25/12 11:37 AM

Michel Hunte (center) beats the field in the battle of the ladies down the 60meter track.

St. Maarten – The male athletes from the Dynamics Track Club were forced to compete against themselves due to the absence of competition from their French counterparts and at the end of the 60 meter invitational, they emerged as the best sprinters with 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1Bronze.
The event which was organized by the Speedy Plus Club from the French side of the island also involved athletes from the Avenir Sportif De Saint Martin. The majority of the athletes fell in the junior and beginners category and only limited competition in the senior category.
But once again, each of the nine athletes from the Dynamics club were able to win medals in their respective categories. The afternoon’s events started off with races for beginners in the five and six age bracket and it was during those events that some hidden talent was unleashed down the 60 meter rubberized track.

This was the end result in one of the most exciting finishes in the beginners category with two of the three athletes stepping on the line together. The girl in the center won by a narrow margin in the end.

The competitiveness among the aspiring sprinters intensified as the races and age limitations progressed, but when it went down to the bigger boys and girls, it was a total show of force when they ran down the track under record time.
Realizing that there was no competition, the bigger boys from the Dynamics Club found themselves pitted against each other, but some of the girls had a battle on their hands. “The beginners did extremely well, but I was looking at the individual times for the senior athletes,” said Abdule Wathley, Head Coach for the club.
Ironically, Mike Destin who recorded an impressive time in the 2010 meet did not see it necessary to push himself to the limit and in the open event he cruised across the line ahead of his team mate Sheldon Wilson who had to settle for the Silver medal.
The other gold medalists were Deshawn Daley, Richard Thomas, and Shamar Wathley. Antonio Forthur won a silver and Amber Tavenir picked up a Bronze. For now, Wathley intends to keep his athletes busy so that they will be fit for the invitational track meet which will take place on Anguilla during the second week of February.
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Mike Destin eases across the line to win the 60meter sprint ahead of his team mate Sheldon Wilson during the invitational meet which was held last Saturday in French Quarter.

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