Sports: Arey: Basketball helps you to get a good education

POSTED: 02/20/12 12:52 PM

St. Maarten – What a group of young basketball players learnt after spending eight hours with Donnie Arey and Will Graham last Saturday can last them a life time, because not every day windows of opportunity like that is possible. Arey, a coach from the Warner University Royals Basketball team and Graham, a professional player spent two sessions with kids in the U-15 bracket and an U-18 group during the one day camp which was held at the LB Scott Sports Auditorium. The camp which was organized jointly by the St Maarten Youth Beat Foundation (Emmanuel York), the St Maarten Junior District Basketball Association (Lyonel Agnes) and the Association des Basketteurs de Saint Martin, was hailed as a huge success.

Arey, who comes with a wealth of experience pointed out some of the long term goals of becoming a good basketball player to the participants in the U-15 category.

“Basketball helps you to get a good education whether it is in the USA, at a private school or in a college. There are players who have made it to every single league from those institutions,” Arey said.

The approach to the participants in the U-18 bracket was slightly different and so was the advice at the end of the camp. After spending the better part of four hours, he told the participants that he realized they all had a passion for the game.
“ Will and I had a great time working with you. I recognize the passion and it’s easy to coach a group when there is passion. When you look at Will who is a professional, this is what happens when you take advantage of opportunities. You get paid to play and you get to play around the world,” Arey pointed out.

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