Sponsor run hit probably caused by alcohol

POSTED: 08/6/13 1:36 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The 23-year-old driver who drove into the crowd yesterday morning and killed three joggers was, according to Police spokesman Reginald Huggins, amongst others under the influence of alcohol and was not in possession of a driver’s license.

The victims, the 32-year-old Kristen Naomi de Jesus Leyba, 58-year-old Monique Yvonne Fransisca Meerwijk and the 67-year-old Elton Marcus Montesant, were participating in the annual benefit run organized by the Road Runners Club Kòrsou (RRCK) to raise funds for the Peter Stuyvesant Scouting.

The joggers were walking in a group of people nearby the World Trade Center in Willemstad when driver S.d.S.d.S., hit the victims and drove off. Bystanders followed S. and blocked his car, where police officers were able to make the arrest and transferred him to Otrabanda Police Station for further investigation. An hour after the accident the police coroner announced the three victims dead.

According to the police S. lost control of the car, probably because of his speed. He was arrested for reckless driving, and for the suspicion of driving under influence of alcohol, whereby three people were killed. He can be facing a maximum sentence of 9 years for his actions.

Huggins adds that the car was confiscated for further investigation. On Sunday the car was tested for brake failure, but the result of that has not come back as yet.

In contrast to what was said earlier in the media, the route of the run was not closed off for other traffic. Huggins said that the group was not big enough that roads needed to be closed. It is not clear how many people were participating in Sunday’s sponsor run.

RRCK Secretary Rika Genaro explains that the board first wants to have an internal meeting about the fatal accident before it will make a statement in public.

Besides the participants, a lot of people were volunteering in the run as well. A victim support group will help the witnesses of the accident, as well as family members of the three victims.

The traffic department is further investigating the case.


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