Spies prepares budget instruction for Curacao

POSTED: 05/30/12 10:34 PM

THE HAGUE – Kingdom relations Minister Liesbeth Spies is “seriously preparing herself” for giving an instruction to the Schotte-government in Curacao related to the budget deficit. The minister made her statement yesterday afternoon in the Second Chamber in The Hague.

Spies answered questions posed by VVD-parliamentarian André Bosman. He called on the minister to get more actively involved with Curacao’s budget. The minister accommodated Bosman for a large part, saying that “the stage of conversation and consultation is about over.”

Recently, Curacao revealed a budget deficit for 2011 of 160 million guilders (almost $90 million).

Minister Spies is also seriously concerned about Curacao’s 2012 budget. She said that the Schotte-government is not taking the appropriate measures and that it fails to take structural measures. “The hole in the budget is covered through incidental measures,” Spies said. She predicted “extremely serious talks” with the government in Curacao. She visits Willemstad from June 10 to 15.

After Curacao obtained autonomous status within the Kingdom in October 2010, the Kingdom Council of Ministers has the authority to issue an instruction to the island’s government to amend its budget.


“I have no responsibility towards Minister Spies, but to the Curacao Parliament,” Finance Minister George Jamaloodin said in his response to Spies’ statement. He also said that the government recently explained how they will deal with the budgets of 2012 and 2013

to give the government of Curaçao an instruction to adjust its budget.

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