Son of DP co-founder slams party: “Hypocrites from the Democratic Party”

POSTED: 07/29/14 12:55 AM

St. Maarten – Al Wathey, the eldest son of the late Democratic Party (DP) co-founder Claude Wathey, slammed the current leadership of the DP at last Thursday’s wreath laying ceremony at the Claude Wathey statue in front of the Government Administration Building. “I am very, very pleased to stand here today with just the UP party. For years I have stood right here side by side with all of the hypocrites from the Democratic Party,” Wathey said. “Standing there watching them supposedly honor Claude Wathey, a man that they have thrown aside and only drag out like a rag doll during election time.”

Current DP leader Sarah Wescot-Williams in fact ran against Claude Wathey in the 1991 Island Council elections as a candidate on the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), and later rejoined the DP after she was ousted as a PDP Commissioner with a vote of non-confidence.

Wathey said his father was a “man who built the Democratic Party into the most powerful, proudest party ever in the history of our island, a feat that is soon going to be replaced by the UP party, for sure.”

He said that if “you look at the DP today, the things that the Old Man stood for, the logo, the torch, give light and the people will move on; that has been removed from the Democratic Party, simply because there is no light coming from the Democratic Party,” Wathey said.

“The other thing, the beacon to steer St. Maarten away from trouble, it has been removed. So I think today is a very, very fitting day for the UP party to come forward and simply honor the Old Man for what he stood for,” he added. “A man that if you were the small man in the street you knew that when things got really bad someone was looking out for you and at the same time when the big guys tried to push you around as a small man they knew someone in the Democratic Party would rectify that situation.

“And I’m extremely happy to see the UP party, only four years in life move into the direction where I think everyone in St. Maarten is going to be very, very proud and very, very happy to be part of the new, undisputed champion in St Maarten, the UP party,” Wathey concluded.




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Son of DP co-founder slams party: “Hypocrites from the Democratic Party” by

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