Some 600 St. Maarten business licenses waiting to be handled

POSTED: 06/30/11 12:29 PM

St. Maarten – The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications is trying to clear a backlog of business licenses by August as part of a five part strategy for handling those permits. Based on answers supplied to Parliament 600 applications are backlogged at the Department of Economic Licenses.

“Once the backlog is cleared, the employees assigned to this project will be re-allocated to the operations of the standard business license process,” Minister Franklin Meyers states.

The first point in the strategy is upgrading the automation system so it processes the operational licenses, vending licenses and the cancellation of licenses. At the moment the system only processes business licenses and director’s licenses.

Point number two in the strategy was the circulation of standard business purposes to the notaries in April, 2011. Circulation of the list is expected to simplify the process and create less discussion about a business’ purpose between the government and the notaries.

Point three of the plan is mandating the signing of licenses to the ministry’s Secretary General Miguel de Weever. For the moment the minister signs the licenses and the government believes this is an excessively time consuming process.

“A mandate for the Secretary General will save some time and accelerate the process,” the minister stated.

Step four is improvements to License Department. The Department Head is conducting a review and improvement measures will be taken based on her findings.


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Some 600 St. Maarten business licenses waiting to be handled by

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