Softball Association recognizes mothers and daughters

POSTED: 05/14/12 12:44 PM

St. Maarten – As several countries around the world celebrated mother’s day, the St Maarten softball Association has made the day a very special one for a few ladies that have contributed in one way or the other to the development of the game on the island and their daughters who are also actively involved in the sport.

To further make the day an interesting one, the organizers arranged a game with the mothers going up against the daughters. The mothers involved are Gertude Richardson, Dulce Doran, Debbie Rombley, Carina Reyes, Julia Ambrosina, Sharon Jones, Carmen Lake, Esperancia York, Bernice (Barbie) Richardson, Linette Gibs, Moyernva Bromet and Sharinga Williams.

Following the order of the above mentioned list, the daughters are Natasha Richardson & Tania Richardson, Nasmarie Doran, Isha Marlin, Carmen & Naomi Korstanje, Marquila Ambrosina, Shandricka Van Heyningen, Camilla Blijden, Tamisha York, Rubinette Barbij, Chelsea Brommet and Vashti Williams.

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