Social Reform Party to elections with just two candidates

POSTED: 04/8/14 12:49 AM

St. Maarten – The Social Reform Party will enter the September 5 parliamentary elections with a list containing just two candidates – party founder and leader Jacinto Mock and Keith Hanson.

The party held a meeting last Sunday, were Mock was elected as the party’s president and Hanson as his vice-president. There were no other candidates for the vice-presidency.

The party will be on the ballots with the letters SRP. Mock said yesterday that the election program is under development.

In a letter to attorney Bert Hofman, chairman of the Electoral Council, Mock outlines what his party stands for. “SRP condemns all forms of discrimination and we believe in the respect for the uniqueness of each individual political party.”

Mock added that for SRP “it is more a matter of rights rather than finances or ethnic race.” The party wants to run “a grassroots campaign.” This means party members and candidates will be knocking on doors in the districts, patio and backyard barbecues and “distribution of promotional materials at supermarket parking lots, around church-yards and schools – all to reach the masses without violating stipulated ordinances and regulations.”


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