Social Economic Council attends Aruban silver jubilee

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:31 PM

St. Maarten / ORANJESTAD – The Social Economic Council (Ser) attended the celebration of its Aruban sister organization’s 25th anniversary last week. The Aruban Ser was launched in the second year after the island obtained status aparte in 1986.

Sint Maarten’s Ser was represented by Chairman René Richardson, accompanied by members William Reed and Arthur Bute. Richardson referred in his congratulatory speech to the impressive economic development Aruba realized since it attained its status aparte, and the pivotal role the Ser played in ensuring social harmony and balanced economic growth. He touched upon the social and economic challenges the rapid development entailed, and on the parallels between Aruba’s and Sint Maarten’s social and economic conditions. The reliance on tourism, the fast growing population and the pressure on the social and physical infrastructure are some of the similarities between the two countries. As Sint Maarten is a new country in the Kingdom and Aruba has 25 years of experience, Richardson expressed the wish for a long-standing and fruitful cooperation.

Governor Fredis Refunjol and Prime Minister Mike Eman reflected on the history and the role of the Ser in Aruba, especially on the difficult start with the closing of the Lago refinery in 1986.

The St. Maarten delegation paid additional visits to the Aruban Chamber of Commerce, to politicians involved in major socio-economic plans, and other stakeholders.

The delegation was accompanied by Secretary-General Gerard Richardson, senior policy adviser Arjen Alberts and policy worker Bas Peters.  In a parallel program, the Ser staff members extended their network to the Central Bank of Aruba, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the University of Aruba. These institutions are of crucial importance to the Sint Maarten Ser due to the strong similarity between the two countries.

A full report on the trip to Aruba will be available shortly on the website

The costs involved in the SER trip to Aruba were covered by Dutch cooperation funds managed by Usona.

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