Six police officers launch Blue Positive Movement

POSTED: 03/4/16 1:18 PM

St. Maarten News – Six police officers headed by community police officer Rensley Henson has launched the Blue Positive Movement, which is geared at giving back positively to the community. “These young police officers are very enthusiastic in giving back to the community in this early stage of their careers,” Henson said.

“What I want to do is to use the enthusiasm and drive that they have to the benefit of the community. What we aim to do is to educate kids on the dangers of gang violence, drug use, bullying and also educate them on the benefits in doing the right thing versus doing the wrong one.”

Henson said that the initiative by the six police officers has had some impact in the communities. “I am aware that we cannot change the world in a day but if we could reach just one kid it is already a benefit to the world.” These police officers could be identified by a blue band on their right hand wrist.

School children and communities seem quite excited about the idea because the children at times have the wrong impression of what the police officers do. They feel that the police are only there to lock up the bad guys and scare people.

“We are not there to scare people; that is the message of the Blue Positive Movement. We want the kids to know that we are approachable since we are just like the bigger kids who want to interact with them and make them feel comfortable to approach them when there is a problem,” Henson said.

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