Six months extension for BTA-permit applications

POSTED: 11/14/12 12:29 PM

GREAT BAY- Applicants for renewal of residence permits obtained under the Brooks Tower Accord will get 6 months extra to submit a copy of their birth certificate, the cabinet of Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams announced in a press statement. The original deadline for submitting documents was November 30.

Holders of a so-called BTA-permit have to submit a birth certificate with their application for a renewal. This certificate must be no older than two years.

“A large number of applicants with BTA documents that are up for renewal cannot get a registration document from the civil registry because they need a birth certificate that is no older than two years and that is notarized by the Dutch embassy in their country of origin,” Wescot-Williams stated.

This process has been slow due to the earthquake that hit Haiti and the passing of Hurricane Sandy, the statement read.

The prime minister met already three weeks ago with the President of the United Haiti community, Jestan Guerrier to discuss the situation.

“We concluded that an extension for six months would be a good option, with clear instructions that no further extensions will be given. All documents must be valid by the new deadline; they must all be properly legalized. “Documents must be returned within the six months period or the applicants will be written out of the civil registry,” the prime minister stated, adding that all ID cards will be valid for the six months until the deadline.

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