Simpson Bay Lagoon rescue is one of six Coast Guard saves in the weekend

POSTED: 04/6/11 12:52 PM

St. Maarten – Saturday’s retreval of Andy Santos Valero’s body from the Simpson Bay Lagoon is one of six times the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard went into action this past weekend. The 43-year-old engineer who worked on the yacht Summer Wind, drowned after hitting a buoy.

According to a statement officers of the Coast Guard used a Superrhib to conduct  the search of the lagoon’s water on both French and Dutch St. Maarten after being contacted by the police. After “a long search” they found the body and returned with it to shore, where they handed it over to the police.

The Coast Guard also helped to rescue three boats that had engine trouble in Spanish Water off Santa Cruz in Curacao. One of the rescues was a yacht called Gini, which had also began taking on water. Five crew members were rescued in the operation which was comepleted together with volunteer organisation Citro.

The Coast Guard deployment in Aruba also conducted an inspection on a vessel registered in Venezuela at the weekend after the vessel had engine problems. They led the boat to Barcadera Harbor, a full inspection was conducted. Immigration and Customs Officers also participated in the inspection. Once the inspections were over the ship was allowed to resume its course.

The Aruban deatachment also deployed their AS-355 helicopter at the weekend after getting a distress call from a boat. They found nothing when they arrived at the site the call was made from. They discovered later that the boat had made it to port.

The Coast Guard also requested public support to help them spot irregularities by calling their emergency number 913. The number is free and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Simpson Bay Lagoon rescue is one of six Coast Guard saves in the weekend by

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