Silvia Carty represented SXM at living statues festival

POSTED: 10/2/12 1:51 PM

GREAT BAY / ARNHEM – Silvia Carty Rozema represented Sint Maarten on Sunday in the 8th edition of the World Statues Festival in Arnhem in The Netherlands. About 250,000 visitors from all over the world visited Arnhem for this international living statues festival. 250 statues participated from amongst others Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium and Holland. In her role of the living statue ‘Caribbean Textile’’, Silvia was the First participant/Champion of the Caribbean.

She improved her costume, body painting and act. As Grandmother Martha in her Caribbean textile clothing, she captured mostly the attention of children who were surrounding her. She had good interaction with them and with adults as well, inviting them with her body language to smell the ‘little pillows made of madras clothing, with sense of herbs’. It looked very tropical, also because of the sunny weather on that day. Beyond Writing Foundation and the Motiance Dance school – together involved in the organization of the next living statues festival in Philipsburg in December – thanked Silvia for her participation in this unique event.

The statue ‘Becoming’ by Helena Reis from Portugal won the first prize in Arnhem.

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