Silver snake amazes Pond Island residents

POSTED: 11/13/12 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – At first sight it seemed to be an earthworm but after several minutes of bickering scavengers, Earlington Duzon decided to look closer.  That is when he saw the distinct black markings of Bonaire’s extremely elusive Silver Snake, the only species of snake known to exist on that island. Duzon, didn’t know it at the time, but he had discovered Leptotyphlops albifrons.

He thought that he had just found the world’s smallest snake and would become famous here. He quickly brought the reptile to Today and we decided to do some checking.

We found that the Silver Snake can also be found in parts of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and considering that Duzon found it near Le Petit Chateau on Pond Island while a gutter was being cleared at 2:30 pm last Wednesday, greatly widened the origin of the reptile.

“People were confused they could not say if it was snake or a worm. But I saw the tongue flicking out and the black spots and I knew it was snake skin,” Duzon said.

Luckily for Duzon, the snake is non-venomous but does eat ant and termite larvae.

Most species look much like shiny earthworms. They are pink or brown, and their scales give them a segmented appearance. Other species are black in color, but have the same general body structure. Their common name comes from the fact that their eyes are greatly reduced almost to the point of uselessness, and hidden behind a protective head scale. The species which are called thread snakes are so named because of their very narrow, long bodies.

Duzon told us that he planned to sell the snake to a local pet shop.

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