Silent march for Kimberly Illidge and Mark Reid Jr. tomorrow

POSTED: 04/9/13 11:38 AM

St. Maarten – The Middle Region Defiance Community Council is organizing a candle light silent march tomorrow in honor of the two young lives that were taken away through an act of violence.

The recent passing of Kimberly Illidge who was only 17 years old and Mark Reid Jr. at a tender age of 2 months old, both took place in the district of Middle Region.

“We as a community are very saddened by these tragedies and would like to join with each other to support the families of the deceased,” a press release of the community council stated. “We would also like to provide the rest of the community the opportunity to join forces with us because we feel that not only our community but the whole island was affected by these losses,” it continued. “This march will not be a platform to cry for justice on the culprits or promote any hate, but rather to show the family and friends that we care.”

Annelies van den Assem, who is a resident of Defiance, said that she was deeply touched when she read the news of what transpired with the two young souls. She felt the immediate need to mourn this loss not only to the community of Middle Region and Defiance, but also as St. Maarten as a whole.

As she has grown to know and appreciate the community of St. Maarten as a community that has a tradition of caring for each other, of paying respect in such grieving moments she felt compelled to approach the Community Council Middle Region Defiance. The council as she learned was already brainstorming on an event, which has led to initiative of holding a “silent march”.

The march will start tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the A.T. Illidge Road and Middle Region junction under the Tamarind tree. The general public is urged to come out with a lit Candle.

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Silent march for Kimberly Illidge and Mark Reid Jr. tomorrow by

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