SHTA shows interest in Market in the Park plan

POSTED: 07/31/13 12:35 PM

Association discusses issues with Minister Lake

St. Maarten – The hospitality and trade association SHTA is interested in the Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake’s Market in the Park plan where a space is reserved for a new SHTA-office. The government will provide the land for the project and the SHTA would have to take care of the construction.

This was one of the issues that came up yesterday during a meeting between Lake and SHTA board members. The SHTA will convene a meeting with its members to discuss the feasibility of the project.

The SHTA also brought the lack of sidewalks in Simpson Bay to the minister’s attention and asked for an adjustment to bidding procedures to make projects accessible for all contractors, including small and new companies.

The association furthermore asked the minister to publish building permits it has issued and discussed the time it takes to obtain such permits. Another wish is for a policy that requires permit holders to put up a sign on their property once they start building. This would make it easier for building inspectors to locate projects and give neighbors the opportunity to see if construction is done by the rules.

The SHTA expressed a strong interest in zoning and development plans, especially those that touch on the environment. The board members told Minister Lake that they do not support further destruction of natural resources, like the filling of the lagoon or remaining ponds. The association would like to see more green spaces designated as play areas for children.

The SHTA would like to see the government develop an energy policy. Utilities company Gebe ought to move forward with energy production using green sources. The association also pleaded for incentives for citizens that invest in green energy.

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