Shots fired in Fort Willem

POSTED: 10/31/12 12:17 PM

St. Maarten – Police arrested three men on Monday evening around 10 p.m. in Fort Willem, Philipsburg after a patrol reacted to a report about gunshots in this neighborhood. At least four shots were fired, according to a police report.
When officers arrived on the scene they found a parked white car. A man who was sitting in this car ran away when he saw the police approached, while three others who stood near the car did not move.
Police found a silver-colored handgun next to the car. The three men – D.M. (29), M.J.E. (20) and J.W.E. (16) – said they did not know whom it belonged to. Yet they were arrested and taken to the police station in Philipsburg. A search of the car yielded a brown leather bag containing small plastic bags with marijuana that seemed ready for distribution. The marijuana was confiscated.

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