Shots fired at fleeing robber

POSTED: 09/23/15 6:57 PM

St. Maarten – Police fired shots yesterday afternoon during the pursuit of a suspect in an armed robbery that took place at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel and Casino around 11.35 a.m. The suspect managed to escape, but he left behind his SUV containing a large amount of cash behind.

Two armed men entered the casino at the Great Bay Beach Hotel yesterday morning. They threatened to use their weapons and managed to rob the establishment.

While it remains for now unclear how the robbers made their escape, the little description officers obtained from witnesses enabled them to identify one possible suspect in Sucker Garden later on.

When the suspect noticed that the police was on to him he fled in a gold-colored SUV onto Arch Road in the direction of the zoo. Police officers fired shots during the chase.

Near the zoo, the suspect left his car behind and fled further on foot. Police deployed the K-9 unit but did not manage to find the man.

In the SUV, officers found a large amount of cash. They confiscated the money and the car for further investigation.

The police is asking citizens who have information about the robbery to call the tip line at 9300 or the detective department at 542 22 22, extensions 203, 204 or 205.


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