Shooting victim waiting for police

POSTED: 08/15/11 12:24 PM

St. Maarten – Clinton Humphrey Hodge, who was shot in Dutch Quarter roughly10 days ago, says he’s waiting for police to tell him if they’ve arrested the man who shot him. Hodge has also said he’s in excruciating pain as he continues to recover at the St. Maarten Medical Center.
Hodge was shot after he pursued a car that splashed water on him while he walked to Conch Shell Restaurant in Dutch Quarter. The driver was heading away from the restaurant and continued moving after splashing Hodge. He attempted to stop the driver and then followed when the person kept going. Eventually at what appeared to be the driver’s home and saw two men leave the car and run into the house.
“I called out to the persons who after several attempts looked out and acted as though they were unaware that they had wet me up. I got enraged and started to throw stones at the house it was only then I saw a Jamaican man came out the house and asked me what was going on,” Hodge said.
The gunshot victim said he then recounted what had happened and that the driver had offered no apology.
“That apparently made him angry and subsequently I saw the Spanish speaking man approaching with a gun in his hand and asking the same questions. At that point they had me boxed in when another person tried to hit me. I started running to avoid further confrontation and was shot in my leg,” Hodge said.
The matter has been reported and police are investigating.

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