Shak’Eat maintains lead as futsal enters semifinal round

POSTED: 10/24/12 5:51 PM

St. Maarten – The first round in the 2012 Futsal competition ended on an exciting note with five teams battling for the top position and a chance to advance to the Super League (NSL) during the matches which was held at the LB Scot Sports Auditorium on Sunday.
The most exciting game of the day turned out to be the last when Strikers FC team ranked number two went up against the Shak’Eat team from the French side of the island for the top slot in group B.
A second and fourth minute goal by V. Cedric and a third from K. Jordan placed the Strikers FC under tremendous pressure after the goal hungry strikers sliced through their not so strong defense in a crucial game.
As it turned out, Mark Reid, the keeper for Strikers FC failed to defend his goal well while on the opposite side of the floor, Micka Hyman thwarted all efforts by the opposition to penetrate his goal for the first nine minutes.
A 10th minute goal by Ryan Stewart lifted the hopes of the Strikers FC, but even at that stage of the game, they were yet to shift into high gear. But one minute after a time out, the Marlon Clayton narrowed the lead after scoring on Hyman and by a stroke of wits, skills and luck, Stewart scored the equalizer in the 14th minute to make the game even.
But with time remaining on the clock, J. Nicolas caught Reid off guard and steered the ball away from his outstretched hands and into the nets and seconds after Reid, who was clearly not in his comfort zone was beaten again, compliments of Nicolas to end the first half in 5-3.
Regrouping should have been the operative word for Strikers FC when the game resumed, but they were having in house problems among themselves as tempers flared. Shak’Eat by contrast were a more composed team and were playing like a team that wanted a championship title.
But a 22nd minute goal by Jordan only made things worse for Strikers FC and seconds after, Reid who was not having a good day collided with a player from the other team, the pressure was on and tensions was extremely high.
Because Reid was out of the box, he was shown a green card which was not good under the circumstances. But all was not lost for the Strikers and that became evident when Jaydon Gordon scored the 4th goal in the 25th minute.
But with complacency comes a price and Reid was the one that paid for his bad judgment and was beaten for the 7th time with just under three minutes remaining and they were unable to make amends for the rest of the game.
In the other exciting encounters of the day, Paradise Inn RISC Takers played to a 2 all draw, RISC Takers Vets defeated the FC Veendam Vets by 8 goals to 1, Emille Photo Vets defeated the Nagico Funmakers Vets by 8 goals to 6 and Nagico Funmakers seniors defeated Emile Photo seniors by 7 goals to 6. The Quarter finals will start on the 28-oct-2012. With 5 games ; 1 veteran, 2 matches in the NSL and 2 in the NDL.

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Shak’Eat maintains lead as futsal enters semifinal round by

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