SGP-leader mimics Akin’s rape-statement

POSTED: 08/29/12 1:51 PM

THE HAGUE ‘Women seldom get pregnant as a result of rape and that is a fact,’ orthodox Christian party SGP leader Kees van der Staaij told a TV program on Tuesday.
He was reacting to a question about the controversy in the US around similar remarks made by Republican congressman Todd Akin.
Van der Staaij said rape is dreadful and recognizes the huge consequences for the victims, but his party remains against abortion. “We are, under all circumstances, for the unborn life,” he told the RTL program.
The image must not be created that all abortions are the result of rape, he said.
The SGP leader has created a controversy of his own on Twitter. One satirical respondent tweeted: “So Kees van der Staaij has kicked off the 1632 election.”

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SGP-leader mimics Akin’s rape-statement by

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