SG Van der Schans concerned about Curacao’s debt to NFI

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:18 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Solicitor-General Anton van der Schans is seriously concerned about Curacao’s payment arrears to the Dutch Forensic Institute NFI. Without mentioning exact figures, Van der Schans hinted that the NFI could consider not doing any more work for Curacao is the arrears are not paid.

The now former Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe admitted that Curacao is behind with its payments but said that there is no need to be concerned that the institute will refuse to work for the island.

The NFI will keep doing the researches that are really necessary,” Wilsoe told the Amigoe, adding that the amounts of money involved are significant. “A DNA-investigation costs for instance around 60,000 guilders. But the NFI has also announced that it plans to increase its fees and I want to stick to the reasonable prices they use now.”

Wilsoe wants to find alternative solutions for smaller investigations in the region. “We are now tied to the NFI and I want to find a different solution,” he said.

The former minister also wanted support from the NFI to train local people in forensic investigations. In February the ministry signed an agreement with the NFI for the training of two local forensic advisors.

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SG Van der Schans concerned about Curacao’s debt to NFI by

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