Several guns handed over to solicitor

POSTED: 10/23/14 7:43 PM

St. Maarten – Persons are taking advantage of the Stop Drop & Go initiative to get rid of illegal weapons, and one of these persons told Today “I am so fed up with this weapon that I thought that the only way to get rid of it was to hand it over to law enforcement officials.”

The gentleman in question, who prefers that his name not be used, explained that the gun had belonged to his father and it had been in the family for several years.  The “Stop, Drop and Go” campaign which recently started, has yielded good results with several persons in the community in possession of unlicensed weapons continuing to drop them off at the Solicitor General office in Simpson Bay. This campaign is being carried on both sides of the island and is geared at preventing violence in the communities and also the number of armed robberies that seem to be the norm as of late.

While law enforcement officials are happy that the weapons are being removed from the streets they are still concerned, because it is felt that the youth who have the more sophisticated weapons will not surrender it easily since they feel that they should have their guns “for their protection.”

Speaking with Solicitor General Taco Stein he said that one of the things that persons with guns do not realize is that if a robber is aware that the persons that they are going to rob has a gun, they will certainly come with a gun to protect themselves.



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