Seven Vesuvius-suspects appear in court today

POSTED: 02/8/12 3:32 PM

St. Maarten – Seven defendants in the Vesuvius-investigation will make their first appearance in the Court in First Instance tomorrow morning for a pro forma hearing. Four of the defendants were born in St. Maarten: Adin Omar Wladimir J., 34, Carlos Alfonso R., 19, Doniel Darryl Th., 25, and Charles Edmond F., 36. The other defendants are Jamaica-born Andrew Selvin D., 20, US-born Erno Desmond Wycliff L., 29, and Ekron Sylvan Collin M., 34, from St. Vincent.
The Vesuvius-investigation focuses on a series of drugs-related murders that occurred last year. Among the victims are Hector Miguel and Rodolfo Arrindell, Amador Jones and Sheldon Thomas.

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Seven Vesuvius-suspects appear in court today by

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