Seven armed robberies in one week: Robbers use guns, machetes, baseball bats

POSTED: 09/22/14 1:33 PM

St. Maarten –Six armed robberies took place between September 15 and 20 and yesterday morning, number seven was added to the list. The police reports that these robberies took place at supermarkets in Nazareth, Sucker Garden, Fort William, Cole Bay and – on Sunday morning – in Cupecoy – where Le Gourmet Marché, a store of Le Grand Marché, in Porto Cupecoy became the latest victim.

Around 9.40 a.m., police patrols and detectives went to Porto Cupecoy after a report about this latest robbery. Two masked and armed men had stormed into the supermarket and threatened everyone present with their guns. They stole an undisclosed amount of cash and an iPhone. The robbers fled in a small car that was driven by a third man.

While the police did not give specifics about the other six robberies, it notes in a press release that the masked robbers grabbed money from cash registers and that they used guns, machetes, knives and baseball bats as weapons. On one occasion a victim sustained head-injuries.

The police said that several robberies have been recorded on surveillance cameras and that they were mostly committed by a team of two men.

The video footage shows in some cases that several people were in the vicinity of the supermarkets and witnessed the robberies. There are also witnesses who may have seen suspicious behavior of these persons prior to a robbery but who are reluctant to note specific information about the robbers and the car they used, the police said.

Information about the approximate height and weight of the robbers, the direction they fled, license plate numbers and type and color of car are all useful information for investigators.

The police called on potential (future) witnesses of armed robberies to call 911 immediately, so that the police can follow up on the information they provide. “Crime is not only a problem to be handled by police, it is everybody’s problem,” the press release states. “The community in partnership with the police should play an active role in crime prevention and fighting crime by giving the police any information they may have.”

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Seven armed robberies in one week: Robbers use guns, machetes, baseball bats by

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  1. Charles says:

    I find this very disturbing, the safety of the employees is being compromised and thank God nobody has been injured.

    Equally disturbing after all this the only person in Jail is a 70 yr old resturant owner that had a couple of guns to protect his employees and family, while these criminals are armed robbers running wild and disturbing the tourist industry that composes 80% of the island revenues