SER symposium features Professor Ryan Peterson

POSTED: 06/10/13 1:58 PM

St. Maarten – Professor. Dr. Ryan Peterson, PhD, MSc. who holds the ‘Economics Research Chair on Sustainable Islands’ at the University of Aruba will hold the keynote address at the first annual symposium of the Social Economic Council (SER) that is taking place on Wednesday.

Professor Peterson is a published scholar, well known for his expertise in economic innovation, specifically pertaining to the tourism sector of the Caribbean. In his speech, he will connect the themes of innovation in -tourism- economics with the issue of corporate social responsibility in our society.

Corporate social responsibility or ‘CSR’ is currently a widely discussed topic in the Caribbean and globally. Private enterprises can show corporate social responsibility on different levels; by donating money to charities, by stressing compliance with rules and regulations, or by being pro-actively involved in education, social causes, care for the environment and other long-term social goals.

The keynote address will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by SER chairman René A. Richardson, and further comprised of professor Peterson, Harbour Group of Companies CEO Mark Mingo, General manager of Budget Marine, Robbie Ferron, and Voice of our Children president Sharmaine Olivacce.

In this way, representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, will engage each other and the audience in a discussion on the main theme of the day. Based on pre-released discussion themes the attendees will further explore the central theme of innovation through ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, addressing the question of the best way for businesses to be involved in, and accept responsibility for, the social challenges of our country. Corporate social responsibility, while as a concept primarily addressing the business sector, stresses the joint responsibility of business, government and citizens in tackling common causes like care for the environment, education, social conditions and all issues that contribute to the general quality of life.

The SER symposium will take place Wednesday at the Westin Dawn Beach Spa & Resort from 8 am to 1 pm. Its title is “Innovate or deteriorate; Corporate Social Responsibility as the Way Forward for Sint Maarten”.

Organization of the symposium is covered by Dutch development funds managed by USONA.

Further information on the SER and its activities is available at

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