Seniors mix it up at Karaoke evening

POSTED: 12/23/11 1:19 PM

GREAT BAY – Over 25 stars participated in last Saturday’s Golden Stars Karaoke sensation, which was put on by the Aging with Grace Foundation. This is the second time such a festival was hosted. It was a mix of Christmas carols and songs of yesteryear.

Eighty-nine year old Augustin Douglas, the eldest Golden Star to perform, injected dance into his performance, which included his daughter Dr. Ruth Douglas, while Sinclair Barry and Glen Peterson also teamed up to do Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in English and Spanish. Bonny Beauperthuy-Linares did an opera style rendition of “Oh Holy Night” and Theo van Rossum injected more Christmas feeling by singing “When a child is born.”

Henri Arrindell, a member of the former San Fernando Brothers from Aruba, was called back on stage for a second performance after he thrilled the audience with his performance of Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world.” He chose to sing James Brown’s “Papa got a brand new bag” for his second song. The Aguinaldo Group of the Smiths and Richardson family also entertained the crowd.

Antonio Janga, who is also known as Skina Kaliente, provided the music and screens for the event where Elton Jones was the Master of Ceremonies. The latter also contributed to the singing. The audience included residents of the St. Martin Home, the Bethany Home for the Elderly and Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams.

Some of the attendees were able to walk away with door prizes like Christmas baskets and an exercise machine donated by the New Testament Baptist Church.

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Seniors mix it up at Karaoke evening by

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