Senior Queen believes in service above self

POSTED: 05/2/12 11:58 AM

St. Maarten – Last Wednesday, 23 year old Glenicia Mitchell captured the Senior Carnival Queen crown.  A few hours after walking off the Festival Village stage, she donned the cap of Ms. St.Maarten and sat down with us for an interview. The experience was humbling for the six foot odd beauty and based on our assessment, Mitchell is surely a ‘triple threat’ with beauty, brains and talent to take her far in the pageantry arena and beyond.

1. How does it feel being crowned the Queen after competing for the second time around?

“It felt surreal, though I was very confident in myself and my year-long preparations, I must admit up to the calling of first runner up, I thought that I would be sashed as 1st runner up. I felt happy to have conquered my goal, relieved that I had not failed. I felt elated that the night was over but still anxious for what is coming up in the near future and how I can use this ambassadorial position to help St. Maarten because I believe in ‘Service Above Self’.

2. What was your initial reaction upon realizing that it was either yourself or Carlisha that would be crowned Queen?

“When I realized that I had not been called for 3rd nor 2nd runner-up, I said to myself that me and Carlisha have done a great job, performed with our hearts and that the judges saw that each of us were capable of coming this far because of the effort and passion we put on the stage that night.”

3. We know that you are originally from St.Croix when did you first come to St.Maarten?

“I was born in St.Croix, yes, and came to St.Maarten within a month of being born. Like many others who have made St.Maarten their home even though their navel strings are buried elsewhere, I grew up with the essence of this great place running though me. I am a True St.Maartener because of my love for this 37 sq mile queen we call St.Maarten.”

4. Apart from your crowning of course, what segment did you most enjoy for the pageant?

“I enjoyed my talent and interview segments the most. These two areas allowed me to strip away from the pressure of keeping quiet and smiling. I was also able to express that which is most important to me to be heard (audibly) and to be understood visually (talent). I have been blessed, I must say, to be this expressive person that I am today who can communicate via my love for music, dance or spoken word.”

5. What are your future ambitions?
“I one day would like to use my culinary degree to open a catering service or restaurant with authentic St. Maarten dishes. A new aspiration of mine since we became country St. Maarten is to become the Prime Minister one day.  Particularly since our speech topic was relevant to this dream, it has boosted my want for this.”

6. To whom would you credit your success?

“My chaperone Sheila Sorton deserves this honor, without thinking. She has bent over backwards, lost sleep, didn’t rest or eat to make sure that I got the best and won this crown. She became a mother to me and looked out for me as she would her own daughter. Sheila has talent like no one I have ever seen and a heart of gold, she is dedicated, flawless, inspiring, encouraging, determined and loving. I could not have done this alone. I owe it all to her.”

7. What advice would you give to persons who may have failed at their first attempt at any initiative?

“Never be afraid to attempt to win a battle that you have not succeeded at the first time. It takes courage, focus, determination and open minds to do something like this a second time around. Never lose sight of your goals in life because I didn’t and today I am Miss St.Maarten 2012. Julius Caesar once said ”Vini Vidi Vici ” meaning ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ and that is what I did.

8. What would you consider to be your greatest strength?

“My determination to succeed at anything I attempt in life is my greatest strength. No reason to give half the efforts when I am an intelligent, talented, humble and courageous young woman. My determination has guided me and kept the fire inside of me burning for a year until I was crowned. A trait that I am most proud of and without that much of who I am would be weak and useless…so Determination!!”

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