Senior citizens: ‘May he be as nice as his mother’

POSTED: 04/26/13 12:20 PM

St. Maarten – “May Prince Willem-Alexander be as nice as his mother and grandmother was,” Senior Citizen Olive Hodge said to Today’s reporter when a visit was paid to the St. Maarten Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation Center. “I know them all as I witnessed the last 3 Queens; they were all very nice and loving,” she said.

With the inauguration coming up this Tuesday the senior citizens of St. Maarten wanted to express their wishes for the King and Queen. “I hope he will enjoy his stay when the King and Queen come to visit us,” President of the foundation Violet Lake said. “I wish the King and his family good health and happiness, and I hope that he will do the same good job as his mother did.”

As the first who wanted to give her wish for the Royal family, Linda Latouche said that she wishes Willem-Alexander all the best and hopes that the King may have a long life and a good family and wish him all the best.

Some of the seniors, like Ethel Gumbs, wished that when the King is coming to visit St. Maarten to enjoy the island like his mother always did. “I hope that the King will continue to have the same close relationship with us and I hope to see him soon.”

Sybil Williams said that “I wish the King good health, strength and prosperity and may his undertaken be successful.”

“I am sure that the King will be accepted and loved by the Dutch people and I wish all the success he needs,” another senior citizen said.

“All the best and have a very successful life,” Ms. Jenny said. “I hope that he gets everything he wants in life, may God bless him and his family. We do love him.”

Ms. Drina wishes all the best for the King as well and hopes that even in Holland he will have fun on the 30th and enjoys his day.

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