Security guard shoots two armed robbers in Cay Hill

POSTED: 10/7/15 5:57 PM

Cay Hill shootingwebThe armored truck is seen in the back while the body of one robber is on the floor on Tuesday morning in Cay Hill. Photo Today / Leo Brown


Police search for third suspect

St. Maarten -A security guard of Pan American shot and killed two armed robbers Tuesday morning around 8 a.m. in Cay Hill. A third robber escaped. One of the robbers has been identified as Elton Roy Richardson also known as Salty. A witness said that the security guard first wounded one of the robbers, then allegedly went up to him, ripped off his mask and shot the him three times.

The bodies of the two robbers stayed on the scene for hours before they were removed by funeral home personnel. The forensic department cordoned off the crime scene and tried to put the pieces together in an attempt to find out what transpired.

The men attempted to rob the armored truck of Pan American Protective Services located in Cay Hill as it left its headquarters. Driving a red car with tinted windows, the robbers parked next to a container near the head office and drove towards the truck and started shooting at the corner where tow truck company Black Dog is located. One of the security guards was shot in the leg, while the other security guard fired back and managed to take two robbers down. Witnesses saw the red vehicle speed off from the scene. Police established several road blocks trying in vain to stop the car.

The other robber that was killed in the robbery attempt has been identified as Denizil according to sources close to the investigation. Salty who also died on the scene was acquitted back in May for planning to rob a money courier of Robbies Lottery. He was on probation for multiple robberies he committed in 2005. Richardson was sentenced to 13 years and 5 months and was released in 2014. The Public Prosecutor declined to confirm that one of the dead robbers is indeed Elton Roy Richardson.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo confirmed to this newspaper that the security guard did shoot at the robbers and hit two of them. “One of the security guards was injured in the leg and he is now at the Medical Center for further treatment. We are now interviewing several witnesses,” Henson said.

The security guard was later released from the hospital. He has not been arrested.

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