Security checks continue at prison

POSTED: 09/14/14 11:38 PM

ST. Maarten—Numerous homemade weapons including cleavers, machetes, knives or shanks, cellular telephones and many other illegal items including a female G-string underwear were removed from the cells during a search for contraband at the Pointe Blanch prison yesterday in the wake of Thursday’s discovery of two guns that had been smuggled into the prison. The guns were discovered after a fight between inmates in which one inmate was seriously wounded and had to seek medical attention at the St. Maarten Medical Center. Two people were arrested after Thursday’s incident.

Police spokes-person Inspector Ricardo Henson explained that in incidents like this when someone who is serving a sentence gets arrested, the procedure is to take them out of the prison community and into pre-detention where they must await trial and sentencing. According to Ricardo the minimum sentence for illegal possession of a fire arm is four years.

“In connection with the ongoing investigation of the Point Blanche concerning the attempted murder of one inmate and the serious ill-treatment with a makeshift machete of another, leaving him in critical condition in the ICU of the St. Maarten Medical Center, another request was made by the director of the Point Blanche prison to carry out a follow up search of the facilities. On Friday, September 12, the Director of the Point Blanche Prison received information from inside the prison that the other cell-blocks within the facilities should be searched for more illegal weapons and drugs. If this was not done other very serious confrontations and vicious attacks between inmates would occur,” Henson stated in a police report.

He added that based on this information a large police search team including the K-9 unit and members of the VKS was put together and headed to the prison at around 10 am where they joined the prison search team. The intense search lasted until 5 pm. No ammunition was found during the search.




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