Securing National Development theme Governor’s Symposium

POSTED: 06/17/16 7:29 PM

St. Maarten News – Governor Drs. Eugène Holiday announced Securing National Development as the theme for this year’s Governor’s Symposium.

The event will be held next week Friday June 24, at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa. This year’s symposium will encompass regional and national speakers as well as Sint Maarten’s youth and will highlight the educational, health care, environmental, economic and cultural aspects of national development, each from their own perspective. With the diversity of speakers, as well as a round table conference, the Governor’s Symposium aims to intellectually engage the invited guests and stimulate thoughtful debate about the “actions required to secure national development and to further strengthen the capacity of our nation to further advance the quality of life of our people”, Governor Holiday stated in a press release.

Preparations by the organizing committee started several months ago and are in the final stages. The committee is comprised of Cassandra Janssen as chair, Patrick Trijsburg as secretary, Ajamu Baly, Dahjanarah Philips, Nancy Guishard-Joubert, Patricia Philips and. Astrid Plantz-Gartner.

The overall objective of the governor’s symposia is the promotion of good governance. The annual Governors Symposium is considered to be a supportive platform for all invited stakeholders – government, civil society and the private sector – to focus, raise awareness and, hopefully, function as a catalyst for best practices within the community.

This will be the fifth Symposium the Governor has organized. Previous themes included national heritage, sustainable development and education for democracy, governance: the value of checks and balances.

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