Second winner Chippie Ipad

POSTED: 01/24/13 10:12 AM

St. Maarten – The second winner in the Ipad 3 sweepstake that mobile provider Chippie offers together with distribution partner Xtreme Machines is Vanina Lozandier. The first winner was Statia resident Valentine Fortin in December.

Lozandier  won the tablet by saving her Xtreme Machine top-up receipts. Each receipt contains a letter and after saving all the letters necessary to spell ‘APPLE I PAD 3’ she became a winner of the sweepstake. “There are 3 more Ipads to be won, so anyone that almost had all the letters shouldn’t be discouraged,” says UTS marketing and Communication Officer Ivy Lambert. “We are happy to collaborate with our partner, Xtreme Machines to bring fantastic prizes to our customers. The holiday season is behind us, but we aren’t about to stop with the gift-giving yet. There are 3 more tablets to be won. Our customers have a choice in the mobile provider they choose; whether it is through our ongoing sweepstake, free credit when we spot you with one of our bumper stickers, we want to show our appreciation. Chippie is celebrating its 10 year anniversary on St. Maarten all year and we want to show our appreciation to the customers that have helped make that possible.” Lambert continues.

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