Second tragedy for shooting victim in six years

POSTED: 08/24/11 5:59 PM

St. Maarten – It was on the day before Christmas back in 2005 when Onelly Dasent Florencia, her 4 year old daughter Laudeland Reges and an unidentified man were mowed down by a car while they were walking along the A.T. Illidge Road, a short distance from where she lived.
That accident left Florencia with a damaged leg, her daughter with a serious concussion and the man with a laceration to his head. On that occasion, Florencia who was on her way to work at the Oasis with her daughter were walking on the right side of the road when she was struck by an approaching car; the injured man was struck from behind.
On Thursday August 17, bad luck knocked on the doors of Florencia again. This time she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was struck by a stray bullet when two men were murdered on the premises of Cats Guest House, again on the A.T. illidge Road.
Florencia told this newspaper that she does not feel that she has bad luck. She attempted to explain how she felt speaking via an interpreter, Isidro Roase, her partner. “That just happened because I just happened to be standing there,” she stated.
Looking back in retrospect to the first accident and the most recent, Florencia does feel that it’s just a coincidence. “I don’t feel I am an unlucky person, maybe it’s my faith, but that’s life,” she said. Ironically, the single bullet entered a bone in the same leg that was damaged in the 2005 accident.
Fear of losing her left leg after that accident, after the initial treatment at the St Maarten Medical Center, she had to be flown out to the Dominican Republic where she underwent several surgeries to replace the damaged tendon and spent the better part of six months moving around on crutches while on the road to recovery.
Florencia has since been released from the SMMC and she has to make a similar trip to the Dominican Republic but is currently awaiting the earliest possible flight. No one can tell what the outcome of this operation will be. What is clear is that she will have to spend another six months walking around on crutches, something she certainly did not bargain for.

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  1. judy says:

    Florencia, You teach a wonderful lesson on attitude, faith and perservence. Thank you. My wishes to you for blessed future.