Second tax lecture on Thursday at New Testament Baptist church

POSTED: 05/16/12 1:08 PM

St. Maarten – Many people attended the lecture on taxes the New Testament Baptist Church organized last week; they had the opportunity to ask questions about the tax system or about their personal issues.

Tax inspector Drs. Maria Bass clarified several issues concerning the tax system that were brought to her attention during the discussion.
Drs. Bass distributed about 100 Tax return Forms with the intention to assist people with the filling out of the forms. Due to the animated discussion during the almost 3 hours long session, she did not get the opportunity to do so. The day after tomorrow there is a follow-up session, starting at seven thirty.
Inspector Bass asked her audience to start filling out the first two pages of the rather lengthy tax return forms and reminded the attendees that the deadline for submitting the 2011 tax return form is May 31. Not submitting the form in time, could have serious consequences in terms of ever increasing fines. She also indicated that those who did not receive the tax return form should go to the tax department to pick up a copy.
Pastor Smith stated in a press release that the reactions of those who attended the lecture were positive. People said that the tax office ought to organize more of these sessions. There was even a suggestion to inform school children about it.

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Second tax lecture on Thursday at New Testament Baptist church by

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