Schotte stays away from future elections

POSTED: 01/18/13 1:54 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Movemento Futuro Korsou leader Gerrit Schotte says that he will no longer take part in elections as long as election reforms are not implemented. Schotte said that he can no longer agree with “the current democracy on the island.”
Schotte added that voters have no guarantee that the people they voted for will actually govern. The current system facilitates stealing seats and opportunists who lift on the votes party-leaders win.

Schotte founded the MPK (Movementu Patriotiko Korsou) in 2005 with Rignald Lak after the latter left the FOL and took his seat with him. Schotte then became Commissioner for economy and tourism, a position he held until December 2006. In 2007 he was a candidate for Movementu Antia Nobo, currently MAN.

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