Schotte shocks Ys with reasoning

POSTED: 06/13/11 12:58 PM

WILLEMSTAD – A statement by Curacao’s Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte that there is no legal basis for a joint independent committee to investigate the state of affairs at the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten has shocked former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Etienne Ys. The joint committee was agreed upon during a meeting of the Kingdom Council of Ministers on June 1, but Schotte has now informed Minister of Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner his government will request the Supervisory Board of Directors conduct the investigation with support from the General Auditing Chamber.

Ys says that Schotte’s argument there is no legal basis for the committee is shocking and incorrect as Article 38, paragraph 1 of the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands states, “The Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten can make arrangements among themselves.”

“This involves an amorphous form of voluntary cooperation between the Kingdom partners. In my opinion what happened in this case is that the countries Curacao, St. Maarten and the Netherlands on the initiative of Prime Minister Schotte, who tabled the request, agreed to have an independent committee investigate the Central Bank and the Government of Curacao,” Ys said

Legally impossible
“The fact is that the decision of the Kingdom Council of Ministers remains. But as I mentioned earlier it is an amorphous form of voluntary cooperation. That means the Kingdom Council of Ministers has no legal means to compel Curaçao to participate in a joint committee,” the former Prime Minister said.

Despite Ys’ criticism Schotte has said he won’t accept the joint committee.

“We, the governments of Curacao, St. Maarten and the Kingdom Council of Ministers, had a desire. But when I came back that proved not to be legally possible. I have spoken with five lawyers and they all said that under the statutes of the Central Bank, you can only carry out the investigation through the Board. This is what we have to tell Donner,” Schotte said.

Internal Affair

MFK faction leader and spokesman for the Curacao delegation at next week’s Parliamentary Consultation of the Kingdom (POK) Dean Rozier announced Friday he was against calls from the Dutch delegation to have a discussion on the controversy at the Central Bank.

“The agenda has been established. But we have no qualms about putting forward our position on this matter. The Central Bank is an internal affair of our country and it is not that we are currently doing nothing because there will be an investigation. That investigation will follow the statutes of the Central Bank which state that such research should be carried out by the Supervisory Board. Even if you want the research to be carried out by an independent commission, you will have to follow the statutes and deal with the Board,” Rozier said.
PAR MPDennis Jackson, who is a member of the Curaçao delegation which traveled to the Netherlands on Friday afternoon called the current situation deplorable.

“You must remember that the Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte was the one who opened the door for Dutch intervention in our Central Bank and government. By his attitude he has opened the door for the matter to be an open to discussion in Dutch politics. It is up to the Prime Minister to find an effective way to close the door he opened,” Jackson said. 


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