Schotte hints at firing Tromp

POSTED: 05/26/11 12:33 PM

Curacao/St. Maarten – Director of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten Emsley Tromp has leveled serious accusations against two ministers of the Schotte cabinet. He laid the charges after a meeting with Finance Minister Jorge Jamaloodin and Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte on allegations he violated financial procedures when he took a 3 million guilder loan recently.
The allegations reached the media several weeks ago and Tromp was indirectly asked to resign since documents concerning the loan were not submitted when requested by the government.
Tromp’s first conversation was with the Finance Minister. He was then called by the prime buy valium direct minister to explain the unusual loan. Later in the day Schotte called an urgent press conference after Mr. Tromp stated on the radio that he was being falsely accused by the media and the government. He also said that both the finance minister and Minister of Economic Affairs Nasseer El Hakim were guilty of embezzlement when dealing with government property.
Schotte was enraged by these allegations and refuted them in the presence of the two ministers. He’s also hinted that the next step will be firing Tromp as the government believes his attitude is unacceptable.

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