Schotte featured in Dutch tabloid article on royal visit

POSTED: 11/6/11 2:14 PM

THE HAGUE – Dutch tabloid Story, which has a circulation of 500,000 copies, has published an article in which it states that Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte has a number of mistresses and an illegitimate child. There are also accusations that Schotte is linked to the Italian mafia.
Some of the accusations in the tabloid’s report are linked to the findings in the report by the Rosenmöller Committee and statements by Second Chamber of Parliament Ronald Raak, who’s on record that the royal visit should have been postponed. Sections of leaked Security Service of Curacao memo that states Schotte and four other ministers do not meet the criteria for being ministers is also mentioned in the article.

The tabloid article also provides a rundown on the royal visit to Aruba and promises coverage from the other islands in the next edition. A lot of focus is placed on what the royals wear and part of the story contrasts Princess Maxima’s overwhelming spontaneity and her beautiful outfits, which make a “deep impression”, with the “gloomy, dark suits and comfortable black patent leather shoes with wedge heels and black hat that were worn by Queen Beatrix.
Reference is also made to the fact that the queen sipped her water through a straw in order to “preserve her lipstick” and that the Crown Prince drinks cool glasses of Coke to quench his thirst.
The tabloid also continues with the suggestion that this will be the queen’s last visit to the Caribbean and that Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima will return as King and Queen and are already warmed up to carry out the function. The story also mentions that this trip is the longest period that the Crown Prince and Princess Maxima have been away from their daughters.

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Schotte featured in Dutch tabloid article on royal visit by

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