Schotte emphatically rejects Rosenmöller report

POSTED: 10/12/11 4:47 PM

“There was no investigation”

WILLEMSTAD – Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte used a presentation that lasted over three hours on Tuesday morning to reject the recommendations of the Rosenmöller report saying he sees nothing more than “sowing doubt about ministers” in the recommendation to set up a committee of wise men to evaluate the screening of the ministers. Schotte has also told parliament that Kingdom Council of Ministers will not have a legal basis to set up such a committee by means of Article 43, paragraph 2 of the Kingdom Charter. That is recommended action if the Parliament of Curacao does not set up the committee.
“This can only happen if the fundamental human rights and freedoms, legal certainty and good governance are in dispute. In my opinion that is not the case. Article 43, paragraph 2 is the hardest method and ultimate solution,” Schotte said.
The Curacao leader argues that the report is incorrect and incomplete on many points, telling parliament that it was made in eight days and that while the committee spoke with 40 people from all walks of life their report does not reflect the reality in Curacao’s society.
“The conclusions and findings are gossip and there was no investigation into whether the allegations are true,” Schotte said.
The prime minister also made several references to the main opposition Par who he said begged the Kingdom government to intervene on several occasions and that Rosenmöller report was the means for them to do this.
“It is the tactic of the PAR to systematically undermine confidence in the government,” Schotte said.

No government support
Schotte also told parliament that he’d sought out the Dutch government’s help so he could receive technical assistance, but the final character of the committee was something else. He also said Donner had publicly pointed out that the committee was to focus on the relationship between the government and the Central Bank and how to restore confidence between the Cabinet and the Central Bank’s Director Emsley Tromp.
“The point of departure was the conflict between the government and the Central Bank Director. We’d already decided that the General Audit Chamber review the director’s work and we’d have no more talk about the personal bank account. The Netherlands has abused this committee for its own purposes. This report is vaguely defined and it does not have the support of the Government of Curacao. Minister (Piet Hein) Donner also said that one government cannot investigate another, but that has happened,” Schotte said.
The curacao prime minister would go on to accuse Donner of totally ignoring the philosophy that Queen Juliana emphasized when she signed the Kingdom Charter in 1954 that each of the Kingdom partners will provide each other with assistance, while standing on their own.
In his windup he said, “We have just celebrated the one year anniversary of country Curacao. We can choose a model of dialogue or polarization. The latter is not very productive.”

Opposition reaction
Par leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage said the government must clarify whether there are any truth to the allegations, including whether the ministers passed the screening or not and pressed that Schotte was the one to set up the inquiry and did not protest the establishment of the committee, he received the committee and then forwarded the report to parliament.
“Blame others but take your responsibility. On behalf of the eight members of the Par faction and on behalf of the people we ask the rest of parliament to set up the committee so that people can ensure they get good administration. We cannot continue this way. So what is the problem with setting up a committee to put the facts on the table,” de Jongh-Elhage said.

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