Schoolgirl’s family considers fatal accident gross negligence

POSTED: 05/9/11 1:43 PM

St. Maarten -The death of the 12-year-old Genevieve School student Silvia Lynch was seen as “gross negligence” by the family members. “The fact that the school bus had stopped and the dump truck driver drove around the bus an hit the child on the side walk,” said Napolina Gumbs.

She said that the girl was not crossing the road when she was hit.  “She had already crossed the road when she was crushed by the truck. She was on the sidewalk when the vehicle killed her which is proven by the fact the body was on the side walk,” said Gumbs.

She continued: “The truck went around the bus to prevent stopping for the children. It is common knowledge that when a school bus stops in the road all traffic stops to allow the children to cross the road. This is gross negligence.”

The family heard that the truck driver thought the bus would be moving and that this is why he did not stop. “This act alone makes it negligence; one should not assume,” Gumbs said

The family is visible upset and demands justice for the child.

Gumbs said that larger vehicles do whatever they want on the road, intimidating drivers of smaller cars and pedestrians alike. “That attitude needs to change, a strong message needs to be sent out and the justice system needs to show that it is working for the people right here.”

“She was a member of our family along with her siblings even though she was adopted. We loved her very much,” said her tearful adoption aunt Esther Gumbs-Bradshaw. “We are a close knit family and we will miss her dearly. It is not easy especially when you see the justice system is not on your side.”

Chief Public Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos said that the investigation has not been completed and that it would not be correct to comment on it now.

The truck driver was released from police custody and the girl’s body was released to the parents.


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