SCDF and FCDSM unite for respective Carnivals

POSTED: 01/9/12 4:43 PM

(from left to right) FCDSM President Mr. Richardson, Erno Labega SCDF treasurer, SCDF President Stuart Johnson and FCDSM Public Relations Officer Robert Fleming.

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) and Festivité Carnavalesque De Saint Martin Le comité Festivités Carnavalesques De Saint Martin (FCDSM) agreed to deepening cooperation at a meeting last Tuesday. The first step is the Maarten Carnival Development Foundation providing assistance to their French counter parts in the coming weeks and months.
The four member French delegation to the meeting was led by FCDSM President Phillipe Richardson, while the SCDF’s President Stuart Johnson led the Dutch delegation. Parties used the meeting to outline areas of support in terms of advice, volunteering and marketing ventures for the respective Carnivals. The Carnival celebrations of the French-Side will be February 12th to February 22nd, while the Dutch side Carnival will be April 19th to May
2nd with each having their own line up of pre-events.
“We will do our utmost to continue to be there for our French-side counterparts whilst continuing to foster our working relationship with other islands such as Aruba, Curacao and Anguilla,” Johnson remarked.

The two organizations kicked off their collaboration by appearing on Lloyd Richardson’s talk show on PJD2 1300AM on Sunday.
“We are grateful for the opportunities being afforded to us such as this media interview as we continue to apprise the public of the ongoing preparations. We surely are eager and excited as we continue to gear towards Carnival 2012 on the Dutch-side,” Johnson concluded.

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  1. Susan says:

    Great job Stuart. Your efforts are paying off. Keep up the nice works. We are proud of you and what your doing for our carnival.