Saba takes the lead with recycling

POSTED: 03/4/15 11:08 AM

THE BOTTOM – Saba put its recycling facility online, Hazel Durand reports on Caribisch Netwerk. Previously garbage was regularly burned at the dump near fort Bay. The smoke that spread over the whole island on those occasions formed a health risk.

The island government has launched the Recycle for Saba campaign. Schools will devote a whole week to recycling. “We have been waiting for a long time for this project. Together with the community we are able to make this a success and an example for the region,” Commissioner Bruce Zagers (Public Health) said.

The facility uses an incinerator of medical quality that meets the standards of the European Union. Special machines have been purchased to package plastic, cans, paper and tires. There is also a glass processing installation on the terrain.

Households and businesses started paying a garbage collection fee in November 2014. Households are paying $9 per month and companies pay $20.

Towards the end of this month, the recycling installation in neighboring Statia will go online.

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