Rutte also wins in St. Maarten

POSTED: 09/13/12 1:22 PM

St. Maarten – A total of 122 valid votes were cast on St.Maarten yesterday in the Dutch elections by expatriates and according to the results released by the office of the Dutch Representative on Front Street, the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) found favor here. Party leader Mark Rutte received 28 of the 44 ballots cast for his party; 36.06 percent of all ballots cast.

Surprisingly, Democrats 66 (D66) led by Alexander Pechtold got the second highest votes of 25, with the faction leader amassing 19. This is expected to trigger even more disappointment from the anti-Islamic Party for Freedom (PVV) whose leader Geert Wilders was elected by only 2 voters out of the three that voted for PVV. Wilders’ popularity plummeted after he was viewed as a political opportunist not looking out for the national interest in effectively forcing a snap election. The pattern of voting St. Maarten mirrored the results in the Netherlands, where the PVV suffered at the hands of the electorate.

It was the refusal of the PVV, who supported the Rutte government from the outside, to sanction the austerity measures that the government sought, which resulted in the fall of the Rutte cabinet. On April 23, Mark Rutte, formally handed in his government’s resignation to Queen Beatrix. As a result, early general elections had to be called.

Meanwhile, Diederik Samsom’s Labor Party (PvdA) received 24 votes, 18 of which went to the party leader. Marianne Thieme received all 7 votes for the Party for Animals (PvdD) while the Christian Democratic Appeal received an equal amount of votes, 5 of which went to party leader Sybrand van Haersma Buma.

The Green Left (GL) led by Jolande Sap also won 7 votes here, 3 of which Sap captured.  The Socialist Party (SP) advocates human dignity, equality and solidarity with social welfare, employment and anti-privatization being at the heart of its campaign. It received 2 votes. The Christian Union (CU), Party for Human and Spirit (MenS) and 50 Plus all received 1 vote each.

During the counting of the ballots cast in St. Maarten yesterday, Iris Kramer said that Dutch national who were registered in The Hague and lived on St.Maarten may have also mailed their ballots to the Netherlands.  The main voting bureau could not provide any information on how many registered voters are on the island, except to say that they were appreciative of the 122 voters who turned out to exercise their franchise.  Apart from Kramer, Anoushka Devid and Jeanine Poldervaart presided over the counting.  A total of 20 parties contested the elections.

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