Royal Marines take part in annual hurricane exercise

POSTED: 08/28/11 10:06 PM

St. Maarten – While hurricane Irene is barreling down towards the American East coast, Royal Dutch Marines and several of the agencies responsible for disaster relief like the Fire Department trained together during the annual hurricane exercise Hurex in Cay Hill.

On Wednesday Royal Dutch Marines received training from the Fire Department at the Fire Station in Cay Hill. The marines were trained in several techniques that are needed while assisting the Fire Department after a hurricane. These techniques included using a chainsaw, fire extinguishers and stabilizing and cutting a vehicle. The focus was on stabilizing a situation, creating a safe work area and putting one’s own safety first. All exercises where performed under the supervision of the Fire Department’s instructors. During the coming two weeks one more group of Royal Dutch Marines will receive the same type of training.

The last training together with the Fire Department will be one big exercise where most local disaster relief agencies will be involved. The scenario will include up scaling, the response of the local disaster relief agencies and the assistance of the Royal Dutch Marines.

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Royal Marines take part in annual hurricane exercise by

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