Roy Marlin calls for mutual respect

POSTED: 06/24/11 12:27 PM

St. Maarten –Democratic Party faction leader in Parliament Roy Marlin has called for greater respect of the St. Maarten’s advisory and constitutional bodies. The MP also wants to see more dialogue between the bodies to “solve problems and move forward.”

Marlin’s comments are made at a time when there is public debate about the Corporate Governance Council and its role in advising government. The debate was sparked because the Council’s unsolicited advice on the appointment of Regina Labega as Managing Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company.

“Government is not bound by the Council’s advices but that advisory role should be respected and the Council should not seek to denigrate government or usurp government’s power. From both sides what is needed is that the agreements are followed in a timely fashion. I believe there should be discussions matters so we move forward and not get locked down in arguments,” Marlin said.

Later he added, “I have heard people talk about independence and that is a legitimate political goal. However that step requires we have bodies that will provide checks and balances and so if we ever strive for independence we must respect and build the organizations that form part of our country. We must respect and nurture our institutions.”

Marlin has also agreed with St. Maarten’s Justice Minister Roland Duncan that the Coast Guard station on St. Maarten is underperforming and that St. Maarten must state its precise wishes so the organization can be built up. He believes that Dutch Minister Piet Hein Donner should “come out and explain” why St. Maarten’s candidate for a post on the board of the Committee on Financial Supervision (Cft).

“Continue with the suggestions that the Cft was forced on us will not solve the issues we have. We are entitled to a representative and we need someone there,” Marlin said.

The MP is also pressing the government to table the matter of using 77 million guilders left over from the debt relief package for building the country and doing social projects.

“The government should demand this money be made available and if they have to go that far, they should table the matter in the Kingdom Council of Ministers. We need it and its due,” Marlin said.


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