Row about bringing bicycle aboard Voyager to St. Barths

POSTED: 01/14/13 12:44 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin — There was a tug-of- war between the owner of the Voyager ferry and a female passenger as she wanted to bring her bicycle on board the vessel to St. Barth’s on Saturday evening. The incident created some commotion at the Marigot harbor and delayed the departure by ten minutes.
During the incident, there was a lot of screaming and cursing by the female passenger and pulling and tugging by the owner of the Voyager, Jean Claude Tournère to get the cycle from the passenger. One onlooker, who apparently knew the owner of the vessel, said that she never expected that type of behavior from him.
Quite recently the owner of the vessel had another confrontation with authorities after he refused to purchase a badge which is a requirement at the port. One employee in her comment said that the owner of the catamaran Voyager always seem to have some drama at the port.

Meanwhile, after the intervention by some members of the crew and other security officers finally had to convince the woman that she could not travel with her cycle and as a result it was left behind. The Voyager is known to carry baggage and passengers but for some unknown reason the woman was not allowed to travel with her cycle where it apparently came with her on the same vessel.

Efforts to speak to Tournère about the incident proved futile. On its web site however, the Voyager company specifies that passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of two pieces of luggage on board that they have to keep with them during the trip. The dimensions of this luggage may not exceed 100 x 50 x 50 centimeter – and the bicycle probably fell outside of these dimensions.

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