Rotary, parents and teachers assists students’ mission to Haiti

POSTED: 05/18/11 12:12 PM

St. Maarten – The Rotary Club Mid Isle donated $3, 000 to International Baccalaureate students of the St. Dominic High School students last week. The money is to help with costs of travelling to Haiti in July to assist the Heart of Haiti Foundation.
Once they land in Haiti the students and their French Teacher – Mr. Rohan – will work in the children’s village Bon Repos for two weeks in order to fulfill their community service requirement. They will spend their two weeks there organizing and assisting in activities like sports, swimming classes, art and crafts, computer classes etc. The language of communication will be in English, so the children in the village can learn and/or improve their English language skills. The trip is also a follow up to the school’s commitment, given last year, to give sustainable help to this project for five years.
“The Rotary Club Mid Isle is very enthusiastic about this project, which we love to support financially,” the club stated in a release issued by the school.
The Parent Teachers Association has also donated to the project, by giving funds raised at the annual Bingo. That money will be used to cover airline tickets and materials for the Haitian children
“The St. Dominic High School highly appreciates the initiative of Rotary Club Mid Isle to join the school in this initiative and thanked the Club for their involvement with the St. Maarten students,” the school’s principal Jose Sommers-Verschueren added.
Marc Smoorenburg, the liaison person for the Heart of Haiti Foundation, also thanked the Rotary Club and is looking forward to the summer program with the St. Dominic students.

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Rotary, parents and teachers assists students’ mission to Haiti by

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