Rosenmöller not in Curacao to play detective

POSTED: 08/25/11 12:47 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The committee charged with investigating corruption in Curacao will be on the island this week to speak with sources in order to get an idea about the current state of affairs and about the incidents that occurred earlier this year whereby Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and Central Bank president Emsley Tromp accused each other of corruption.
Paul Rosenmöller and Cees Maas, the two committee members, gave a press briefing yesterday to explain what they will do in the context of their assignment. Rosenmöller said that it is not up to the committee to determine who is guilty of corruption. Instead, he said, he will focus on recommendations to improve the quality and the integrity of the management of public institutions.
Rosenmöller insisted yesterday that his committee is completely independent and that it will also function that way. He said that he will handle confidential information carefully. Rosenmöller said that he is looking forward to frank discussions with representatives of social organization, political parties and probably also scientific institutes.
The content of these talks will be the basis for recommendations to the governments of the Netherlands and Curacao.
Rosenmöller will however not investigate specific cases of corruption, even though that impression lives in the Netherlands where newspaper readers were treated to headlines like “Rosenmöller will investigate corruption in Curacao.”
That is not the case: “we did not come here to play police officer. That is a task and an authority that belongs to the police and to the public prosecutor’s office,” Rosenmöller said.
If people the committee talks with indicate that corruption is a serious problem on the island, Maas and Rosenmöller will advise them to get in touch with local authorities.
The Office of the Dutch Representative in Curacao said in a press statement that the committee is a form of voluntary assistance by the Netherlands to Curacao based on article 36 of the Kingdom Charter. “It is a form of bilateral cooperation; the Kingdom Council of Ministers decided to do this based on a request from the Prime Minister of Curacao.”

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